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Last Update January 1st, 2023.

*Subject to change at any given moment without notice.


Check out the general principles we employ in all of our design assignments. Take a close look at everything, and if there are any queries or issues, please let me know before the project begins so we can discuss any adjustments that might be necessary for your particular project.


*PLEASE NOTE: You (the client) are consenting to all of the terms and conditions specified here by purchasing any design service. Before making a purchase, it is your responsibility as the client to carefully read all of our terms and conditions. Check out our POLICY AND FAQ  to receive more information.


All costs are due in full prior to the start of any design project. The initial price will only be respected for unique invoices that are fully paid by you, the client, for requested tasks that are not offered on After the money has been received and processed, design work will begin.


Since the visuals are transformed into vector artwork and can no longer be altered, a font used in a logo typically does not require licensing. However, if you wish to use a font in your own artwork for editing reasons, such as on a website or in a print presentation, you'll need to buy a desktop license.


These can typically be found at:

MyFonts or
Type Network


The rights or permission to utilize any of the core concepts, thoughts, or sketches that I present are expressly disclaimed under these terms of service. Tilly Graphics LLC shall retain ownership of all initial development materials, sketches, images, and unused concepts presented and taken into consideration (Tilly Graphics LLC).

I may employ these previously utilized and undeveloped concepts in my creative and client work at any time. When an idea or design that was never used still has a look and feel that is similar to the finished logo, I will recycle it and change the styling so that the final product is sufficiently different to avoid confusion.

I reserve the right to present the completed logo and related designs in my portfolio, as well as in a variety of online galleries, portfolios, showcases, and awards, as well as in printed materials like books and magazines, in the present and in the future, unless otherwise agreed and negotiated.


Associated artwork and designs can include desktop icons, mobile phone and other portable device application icons, business card and stationery design, signage, and commercial print designs.

Any supplementary artwork and designs needed for this project may be utilized by me for both personal and commercial purposes as mentioned. If you choose to tweak, modify, or alter the final logo design, you do so at your own risk.


Tilly Graphics LLC retains ownership of all planning documents, sketches, and graphics, as well as all electronic data utilized to complete the project. Only after the project has been delivered in its entirety will the finished artwork and digital data become your property.


I am unable to offer any helpful advice because starting any kind of trademark, copyright, or legal name search involves a number of time-consuming and frequently expensive procedures. It is your responsibility to obtain your own legal counsel if you need the logo to be registered as a trademark.


Prior to beginning work, you assume full responsibility for confirming that your business, product, or name is legitimately free or available. No reimbursements are available in the event that a naming-related legal issue surfaces after the job has been finished, and I am not held liable for any resulting issues.

Before starting a project for a logo, please make sure the name you plan to use is available and acceptable under the law. Changes to the project name mid-project are very expensive, difficult to implement, and result in severe delays.

If a project's name changes midway through and extensive logo exploration work has already been delivered, I will be forced to reassess the project's overall cost to account for the necessary reworking. Please make sure the name you're using has through the necessary scrutiny, is not already being used by someone else, and/or doesn't conflict with any other registered trademarks, business names, etc.


Any fees for a project will not be refunded if you decide to halt for any reason, including switching to a different company's services. In the improbable chance that the designer working on your project becomes ill or is prevented from finishing it by unanticipated events, a different designer will be assigned to finish it. If a first draft was never sent to you, the client, and no designer is available to take on your project, a complete refund will be given. If a first draft was delivered and no substitute designers were available, you, the client, would receive a partial reimbursement based on the number of drafts that were delivered.

Excessive micromanagement, a failure to be respectful and professional in communications, a chronic lack of trust, and/or an inability to go forward after presenting more than a reasonable number of original logo ideas or concepts will result in the termination of any project. Any threats or slurs made by the client will result in the immediate termination of the project with no return whatsoever!

In the event Tilly Graphics LLC has fail to perform any obligation pursuant to these Terms of Service due to an “act of God” or an act of any government, terrorism, riot, war, accident or any deficiency in materials or transportation or any other cause of any nature beyond my control, such failure shall not be deemed to be a breach of these Terms of Service, provided that you are notified of the existence and nature of the reason for my nonperformance and delay, and I resume performance immediately upon the conclusion of the relevant force majeure.


You acknowledge and accept that Tilly Graphics LLC is not legally liable for any loss or harm resulting from the use of any of my services, including any loss or damage resulting from changes, errors, or omissions in documents, designs, information, or other products or services I may supply. This includes your reliance on articles, links, reviews, or advertisements that belong to other people. You utilize or rely on any information or materials I create, modify, or design fully at your own risk, and I will not be I create, modify, or design fully at your own risk, and I will not be found liable. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain mistakes or inaccuracies and expressly disclaim Tilly Graphics LLC's liability for any such errors or inaccuracies to the fullest extent permissible by law.


I certify that all designs I provide to you will be unique and, as far as I know, will not infringe upon or plagiarize any previously published works. To make sure that my work hasn't unintentionally violated another's design, I shall carry out a restricted number of checks against the WIPO database and reverse image checks on search engines. Nevertheless, I disclaim all liability for any loss or damage resulting from disputes about the originality or validity of my work. You commit to conducting your own investigations and due diligence on originality and plagiarism. Before starting work, please talk to me about this matter if you have any concerns.

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